About Horizons

Portland and Vancouver area middle school and high school teachers and students participate in a research project focusing on meteorology and air quality in the region. Dramatic population shifts in our region have resulted in increasing emissions that have altered the composition of our airshed. In 4-week Summer Research Institutes sponsored by the National Science Foundation in 1998, 1999 and 2000 teachers learned how to monitor, analyze and model the changes in the atmosphere and how to bring this on-going research project into the classroom. Initial support for the Horizons Project was provided by the National Science Foundation and the Center for Science Education at Portland State University. For more information please contact Dr. Linda George at 503-725-3861 or georgeL@pdx.edu.

Publications using Horizons data are requested to include an acknowledgement of, and citation to, to Portland State University. The following is recommended:


George, L.A., Parra, J. and Sitbon, P., 2005. Horizons - Portland Area Real-Time and Archived Air Quality and Meteorological Data. Data access via Portland State University Server Website (http://www.nextgen.pdx.edu). Portland State University - Center for Environmental Atmospheric Research (CEAR), Portland, OR.


The National Science Foundation has made the Horizons Project possible through an Educational/Research Grant awarded to the project to carry out its goals. Their funding provided monies for equipment, assessment and development of the project.

The Environmental Sciences and Management dept. at Portland State University continues to support the Horizons project through technology support, graduate students and staff.

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